Translating Strategy Into Daily Operations

OKR Framework

The OKR Framework is a popular framework in goal setting and management that helps organizations implement a solid strategy.

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OKR Framework advantages

The OKR Framework is a wide used framework to helps leaders to translate strategy into daily operations

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Align and connect your employees to your corporate goals
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Increase productivity through focus on goals
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Give clear direction to every team and individual

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Track regular progress towards goals

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Increase insight and transparency across the organization for top-level executives


Capture cross-functional dependencies across teams

OKR Framework Offerings

We have different possibilities to help you with your OKR Implementation

OKRs Video Course training
OKR Video Course
  • Organizational Level
  • 3 Hours
OKR-Framework-Offerings_2 training
OKR Internal Training
  • Executive Team
  • 1 Day
OKR-Framework-Offerings_3 Consulting
OKR Consulting Program
  • Organisational Level
  • 6 Months
OKR Framework Quiz

Benchmark your company's OKR Framework Implementation

This Scorecard has been designed to show Executive Leaders, their company's blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps when it comes to a successful OKR Framework implementation.

OKR Scorecard

A Must-Have Webinar For Leaders

Learn how to focus your company on the most important strategic initiatives to succeed in the most challenging times, this webinar is great for leaders that are leading Digital Product Companies.